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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What woods and laminate colours are In Your Room products generally available in?

A. IYR pieces come in 2 finish options – European Beech or Laminate. There are presently 6 vibrant laminate colours - white, red, yellow, blue, pink and orange.

Q. Does In Your Room export its products?

A. Since 2011 it has been possible to order and send the Shortstop Child’s Stools Set overseas. Delivery charges depend on destination and weight and are clearly laid out in the “Delivery” page of this website. Simply use the shopcart and follow the prompts. Please note the 10% GST (like VAT) is not payable on exports and hence will be deducted from your purchase price. We can export some other products but freight is quoted on a case by case basis. These cannot be ordered via the shopcart and sent with Australia Post as their dimensions exceed the maximum stipulated by Australia’s national post/parcel carrier. Contact us and we will advise if the particular item that interests you can be freighted overseas, by what means and at what price.”

Q. Can IYR do other woods or laminate colours?

A. Yes, most frequently for architectural/design firms looking at a reasonable quantity of product. There are presently 6 vibrant laminate colours – white, red, yellow, blue, pink and orange.

Q. Where is In Your Room furniture made?

A. All IYR products are designed and manufactured to a high quality in Australia. We unreservedly pay tribute to our manufacturing partners and are proud to be Australian-made.

Q. Are IYR products available/stocked elsewhere, including a bricks and mortar store?

A. No. In Your Room pieces are available exclusively from us. You can order and pay securely via this website or phone or email us. We will do all we can to assist you in your selection.

Q. How durable is IYR furniture?

A. All IYR pieces and finishes are suitable for general domestic use. Where heavy use is expected in the home or product is destined for a commercial or public setting, you have the benefit of knowing our pieces are protected with a two pack polish. However, the laminate finish does have a slight edge in terms of durability over the european beech.

Q. How should the furniture be cleaned?

A. Cleaning is by way of a lightly moistened cloth. Stains on laminate can be treated with either citrus oil (best for sticky marks) or a gentle, cream based cleanser. Treat IYR laminate product the way you would a laminate kitchen bench.

Q. How does plywood furniture fare environmentally?

A. Plywood is a responsible choice in environmental terms. It is manufactured from a natural, renewable resource; wood, harvested from plantation forests. Energy requirements for the manufacture of plywood are low in comparison to most other competitive products. It is therefore not only aesthetically pleasing, but environmentally sensitive.

Q. Is IYR furniture suitable for outdoor use?

A. No. IYR furniture is intended for indoor use only.

Q. Can IYR customise furniture?

A. IYR can modify certain pieces within its range, but only within the parameters permitted by the mould from which each piece is made. For example, our mould enables the product called Bedside Table to be made deeper than the standard 340mm but the width of 460mm is fixed, due to our mould dimensions.

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